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Looking for a Used Wheelchair for Sale? Keep These Points in Mind

If you or a loved one has purchased a wheelchair or is shopping for one, you’re aware of just how costly new devices can be. It can be frustrating and overwhelming to search online for a quality wheelchair at an affordable price, and that’s why many prospective wheelchair customers often look for used chairs.

Searching for a used wheelchair for sale is an ideal way for users to get their hands on a top-rated machine at a discounted price. If you know what you’re shopping for, it’s easy to find the perfect wheelchair, and your wallet won’t have to suffer the pain of purchasing a brand-new machine. Keep reading to learn about what to keep in mind when shopping for pre-owned wheelchairs!

Age and Condition

As with any item you purchase pre-owned, the most important thing to keep in mind is the age and condition of the wheelchair.

How long has the previous owner had the wheelchair? When was the wheelchair manufactured? Does the wheelchair look worn down or does it still appear to be in fairly good condition?

If you find that no used wheelchair is suiting your needs, learn more about our customized wheelchairs.

Manual vs. Electric

It’s also important to know whether you prefer a manual chair or an electric one. Each option provides a different kind of mobility, so be sure to test out a few in person before you buy.

Manual chairs are ideal for users who are able to be more mobile. These types of chairs are more traditional and generally cost less than electric (power) ones.

Size and Dimensions

Always be sure to get the correct height and width measurements, as well as the measurements of the wheels when considering buying a used wheelchair. This is to ensure that the wheelchair is the right fit for you and not too big or small.

There are wheelchairs out there for all sizes, shapes, and ages, so don’t get discouraged too quickly. Also, keep in mind that every wheelchair has a weight limit.

Extra Features

Wheelchairs are more than just a chair with wheels attached. Today, wheelchairs can feature a variety of add-ons that help make the user’s chair more versatile and helpful.

For instance, some more advanced chairs feature armrests and footrests, cupholders, or small foldable desks. Some even have storage features on the back or beneath the chair, so figure out what you prefer!

Now You Can Find the Perfect Used Wheelchair for Sale

There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a used wheelchair for sale. In fact, you’ll be happy that you were able to get the right machine for you and have some money left over! And now that you’re aware of these things to consider, you can start shopping with confidence.

For the rest of your mobility needs, don’t hesitate to fill out our wheelchair application to learn about how we can provide the right products and help for you.

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