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What does Wheels for Kids do?

Wheels for Kids is dedicated to donating customized wheelchairs and strollers to physically disabled children and teenagers whose families are in financial need. Their work helps these young people achieve greater independence and mobility in their lives. Each client’s needs are unique — there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution. The apparatus needs to be specific to the physical needs of the individual, which is important for their growth, posture and comfort. Wheelchairs are customized based on a doctor’s careful assessment and wheelchair prescription for permanent disability. These medically necessary customized wheelchairs foster individual independence and enrich the entire family’s quality of life. Wheels For Kids also directs educational programs for these children and young adults in further improving self-esteem at the same time elevating their ability to participate in daily public life.

Who does their work help?

Wheels for Kids’ work has a dramatic impact on the lives of disabled children. It reduces isolation by affording these children greater mobility, which can enhance the lives of parents and caregivers by radically increasing the options for outings and experiences. Wheels for Kids’ founder, Denise Roeser, started the organization after struggling to afford the right wheelchairs needed to adequately address her own daughter’s changing needs. Every parent wants their child to have the correct wheelchair that progresses with their age and growth and meets their evolving capabilities. A disabled child may need many different customized wheelchair styles during his or her lifetime.

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