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Dave Wikel is not allowing age to get in the way. He started his most recent business, Wolverine Roofing LLC, a little over three years ago.

Now, he’s 70 years old and the successful businessman is not thinking of retiring any day soon.

The job — “it still gives me a big charge,” he says. “There’s nothing like closing a deal. I love closing deals.”

After attending Duke University, Wikel started in the roofing business in the 1980s as a salesman and estimator. His friend, Don Cameron, had approached him, asking if he wanted a job.

Wikel took the opportunity. Then, in 2003, Wikel set out on his own. He started Therma Seal Roof Systems and five years afterwards, he sold it in 2008 for $4.2 million to Petersen Dean Roofing and Solar Systems.

Two other companies and fifteen years later, Wikel is now in charge of Wolverine Roofing LLC. The name is a shoutout to his home state, Michigan and to the University of Michigan, where his father, Howard Wikel, attended and played football in the late 1940s.

Another one of Wikel’s passions is being on the Board of Directors for Wheels For Kids and one of the nonprofit’s major donors.

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